Best Among Us


Withering air and lovingly lost sunlight,

The never-ending quest; the ever-winding star-strewn roadway,

It is not for the lack of want nor the wasted prayers,

That we, the chosen, the lesser for our knowledge, the greater for our abilities, go forth on this road,

It is not for the blight of desire,

It is for the thirsty and the wasting away,

It is because the end is near, the future nowhere,

The now and only now the only possibility.


Updates from the Storyteller:

This story began as a NANOWRIMO project in 2015. I have successfully finished a first draft of this story and am excited to launch into the next phase of editing (which will for sure involve almost entirely restructuring the plot! yikes). This story is really meant to invoke strong emotions and invites the reader to come into contact with their own strong emotions towards the human beings in their life.