a memoir

This memoir is probably a long way off...but in the meantime, enjoy the chapter titles I've been accumulating :)

From Tea to Coffee


Milenialism: a reactionary tale


A Single Millennial


Dread and Horror (notes on depression)


My six week summer

My life is filled with unintentional punchlines.


The sum total of this bunting


What we learned from Helens and Ces


Homesick for castles


Is that my dragon?/ dragons and lavender: misconceptions of 20-somethings


I had a twin but she quit


Unintentional Punchlines


Bed bugs: am I going crazy?


My concern over book series and how they forever altered my reading experience


You try and try and try, then you mess up once and THATS when you would have got what you wanted...IF YOU HAD TRIED!


I love you scar face: and other strangers I fell in love with


Cosmic Osmo and the great lack of gaming