Opportunities for YOU...

Interested in partnering with Fabulist Fables?? WONDERFUL! Here's how you can do that:


Proof. Looking for a chance to spread your beta-reader-wings? Hungry for raw material in which to sink your inner editor's teeth? ARE YOU A CREATIVE PERFECTIONIST? Excellent. You're everything needed and more. Make contact.

Partner. Are you an artist? Illustrator? Author? Poet? Sound designer? Voice-actor? Stage actor? Film actor? Gamer? Designer? Photographer? HERE'S THE DEAL. Fabulist Fables wants to reach every storytelling medium there is and THEN some if possible. So if your passion lies in storytelling, you could be the perfect project partner. 


Produce. FabFab's scripts are MEANT TO BE PRODUCED! If you, your organization or venue are interested in putting on one of the scripts, please make contact.

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