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Fabulist Fables Begins...

I've begun the process of building a website. Fabulist Fables. It's my dream in virtual form. Taking the process of storytelling and making it both tool and product in the quest for context and collaboration in this world of ours.

The hardest part is siphoning the thousand of thoughts I have down into a singular mission. I went deep into debt studying the concept of mission and vision, as it pertains to an organization, so I'll be damned if the only thing keeping me from my dream is my own thought process.

Fables: a fictitious narrative or statement

Fabulist: a creator or writer of fables...or a liar

Fabulist Fables. It's redundant. It's alliterative. It's cheeky. At least it is to me!

Okay, first of all, the idea that "telling a story" is "telling a lie", strikes me as overly literal and abundantly hyperbolic. With that in mind, the idea of celebrating the telling of a fables and the fabulist themselves is a necessary way to remind ourselves that stories are meant to compel; NOT repel.

Fabulist Fables. I want it to be a welcoming, inspirational space for storytellers and story-obtainers alike. A place where words, visuals, and thoughts all coalesce. A place to grow and a place to rest. A place for telling stories, discovering stories, and creating brand new ideas that will one day become unique stories.

It's a workshop; a playhouse; a storytellers' club.

For now it's a website. I'd LOVE to have a physical space one day, but hey, let's start here.

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