Title: Turn

Project Type: undecided

Collaborators: n/a

Release Date: TBD

This artwork I created myself when I decided to attempt NaNoWriMo for the first time and wanted a cover to add to my profile. It is created with copic markers and felt pen on recycled paper.





Turn started as a pinterest board. A visual representation of a story that seemed to revolve around three siblings with extraordinary powers.

You can still find that pinterest board HERE. I've never stopped adding things I find that speak to me in the language of this story.

Over the past six years I have come back to this story over and over. It probably holds the record for Most Ideas of How To Produce It. Originally it was going to be a novel. Then a graphic novel. Then a short film. Then a novel again. The latest idea is to create an RPG setting and campaign that is based in this epic story.

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The Characters...

Original artwork by Ginny

Original artwork by Ginny

Original artwork by Ginny